Reid Building – Steven Holl

The epithets have a tendency to blur when describing the Glasgow School of Art. Masterpiece is usually one of the first to be used, referring both to the building’s position in Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s oeuvre and also to its relevance to the history of architecture as a whole. The “Mac” is not just a stunningly modern building, pointing forward to the abstractions of the international style, it is also one of the most significant examples of art nouveau, and a consummate exercise in eclecticism. Whole PhDs have been written about the building’s allusions, from its frequent homages to the Scottish baronial tradition to the Japanese influence of the later sections. And that’s not all – one could talk for hours about the asymmetrically industrial aesthetic of the north facade, the myriad ingenious strategies for bringing natural light into the building, and of course Mackintosh’s very invention of “space” as a medium for architecture in the celebrated library.

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