Charles Jencks & Nate Silver – Adhocism (2013 edition)

20130621 Adhocism


There’s a maxim one occasionally hears in relation to Charles Jencks: “Always interesting, always wrong.” The point being that his omnivorous intellectual activity, despite greatly enriching architectural culture over the past 40 years, has also been the harbinger of some of its worst aspects. Most famously, he was one of the first critics to describe the postmodern cultural condition that became apparent at the end of the 1960s, in the process encouraging and justifying some of the most unmitigatedly naff, often reactionary architecture yet built, as well as providing excuses for the abandonment of any social programme architects might serve. Obviously this was not his fault, nor his intention, but his critical barometer often has a habit of pointing towards where architecture is about to go “off”.

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