Alexander Brodsky – White Room / Dark Room

20131009 Brodsky

Occupying two rooms of the Calvert 22 gallery in East London’s Boundary Estate is White Room / Dark Room, a mysterious installation by Russian artist and architect Alexander Brodsky.

A single door leads the viewer into a long, wedge-shaped room, whose facing walls are draped in crepe fabric behind which an array of fluorescent lights give off milky, shadowless light. At either end of the space the walls are mirrored, creating a mise-en-abyme that appears to stretch endlessly off in a circle. Occupying the room is a series of small timber “beds”, less than half a metre long and painted sky-blue, each with a little pillow; these too are mirrored off into the infinite distance. There’s something childlike but also rather disquieting about this scene, the soft light, the simplicity of forms and colours, the beds evoking a hospital or perhaps orphanage.

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